Nobody really likes to prepare (or pay) their taxes, but they are a necessary part of life. Let us do the hard work of preparing and filing your personal federal and state income taxes; all you have to do is bring us your information.

We regularly prepare and file:

  • Federal Income Tax Returns
  • State Income Tax Returns
  • Corporate, Limited Liability Company, and non-profit Tax Returns
  • Estate and Inheritance Tax Returns

Return Extensions

Need more time to gather documents before filing? We can help file an extension with the IRS and state agencies that can give you the necessary time. It is important, however, to file timely if at all possible. You can still be subjected to late penalties and interest should you end up owing on your return.

Our tax attorney can help talk you through what it will take to file an extension. Contact us today to learn more!

Tax Questions?

Trying to figure out how a disbursement from your 401k may affect your taxes? Wondering what the best way to protect your assets from inheritance taxes? Our tax attorney can help walk you through the most common scenarios and answer your tax questions.