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Fox, Wood, Wood & Estill is a law firm located in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky. We have been providing quality legal services to the peoples of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for over 75 years. Whether you are injured in an accident, in a legal dispute of any nature, or are seeking advice on how to plan your business or personal life, our skilled attorneys and support staff can provide you with the competent and dedicated legal services you need.

Serving our clients is top priority. We serve clients all across the Commonwealth and are licensed to practice not only in Kentucky but also Ohio and West Virginia. We have a wide range of experience across a variety of issues and industries from personal injury cases to real estate transactions to corporate law issues to taxes to family issues to estates and wills and much more. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Our History

Our OfficeFox, Wood, Wood & Estill has its origins in Maysville, Kentucky, over 75 years ago. Fox, Wood & Wood was formed when Donald L. Wood and his brother, Woodson T. Wood, joined Andrew V. Fox’s (died in 1978) practice in the State National Bank building in downtown Maysville. The firm relocated in 1999 to the historic Doctor’s House at 24 West Third Street.

Katherine L. “Kay” Wood (died in 2003) joined the firm shortly after being admitted to the bar in 1986. Kay promoted and modernized the firm’s real estate practice, becoming a partner in 1994. John F. Estill joined the firm in 1991, and in 1999, the firm’s name was changed to Fox, Wood, Wood & Estill. Since then two new attorneys have joined the firm: Jackie Sue Wright in 2005, and Robin Rice in 2015.